What is a Liveable Neighbourhood?

In 2017, TfL announced £114 million of funding to improve local environments across London through the ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ (LN) programme. The programme provides funding for boroughs to make positive changes to streets which contribute to improved conditions for walking, cycling and public transport. These improvements also help to improve air quality and increase local people’s activity levels through reducing traffic dominance. Businesses will also be supported by making local town centres more attractive and accessible.

Ealing is one of only seven London boroughs to have received funding in the first round of funding.

Why is Liveable Neighbourhood funding available?

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) sets out a vision for ‘Healthy Streets’, which includes making active travel, and public transport the most appealing and practical choices for 80% of journeys in London by 2040. TfL’s LN programme has been created to fund projects in boroughs that will help deliver that vision, making streets more attractive, healthier and safer for walking, cycling and using public transport.

What is Live West Ealing?

Live West Ealing is the identity that has been developed for the West Ealing Liveable Neighbourhood (WELN) programme. The WELN programme sets out to deliver projects in West Ealing that aim to reduce traffic and encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport. This will include improvements along the Broadway and to parallel quieter routes, reduced rat-running in the adjoining residential areas, and new walking and cycling routes, including links to the new Elizabeth line station.

What area does Live West Ealing cover?

The physical interventions and programme expenditure will primarily be taking place across the area illustrated in the map below. This includes junctions along the eastern edge of the boundary. Accompanying travel behaviour campaigns will reach a wider audience.

How much will Live West Ealing cost and how will it be funded?

The funding bid estimated that the scheme will cost £8.6 million in total. Proposals that are developed as part of the programme will be designed to the amount of funding available. Providing these proposals clearly demonstrate the benefits expected, TfL have agreed to contribute up to £6.5 million towards the scheme. The remainder of the scheme will be match funded by Ealing Council using S106 and Capital funding pots.

How long will Live West Ealing take?

The programme of measures will be delivered over 3 years, with the Feasibility Study to be completed by the end of 18/19 and delivery in 19/20 and 20/21.

What sort of improvements will be implemented?

A range of different types of interventions are being considered, such as:

  • Streetscape improvements along the Broadway
  • Improvements to key junctions
  • Public realm enhancements to key side streets and alleys
  • Modal filters within residential areas
  • Creation of ‘gateway’ spaces into the neighbourhood

The location and nature of improvement measures will be agreed in collaboration with local residents and businesses.

Case studies

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Find out more

An overview of Ealing Council’s governance arrangements for Live West Ealing can be found here: Governance chart

Ealing Council’s bid to TfL for Liveable Neighbourhoods funding – including initial ideas for projects in West Ealing – can be found here: Funding bid

Further explanation about the TfL Liveable Neighbourhoods programme can be found here: TfL Liveable Neighbourhoods

The Healthy Streets approach underpins the TfL Liveable Neighbourhoods programme. Further details of this can be found here: Healthy Streets

Throughout June and July 2018, Retail Revival Ltd carried out baseline surveys of businesses and visitors, the results of which are available to download below:
West Ealing Travel and Spend Survey
West Ealing Business Survey

A summary of the early ideas can be downloaded here:
Pop up engagement September 2018

A report summarising the Stakeholder Group activity will be posted here soon